Visualize your code

Get a birds-eye view of your code and see how everything relates. Then, drill down and dive deep into the specific code or workflow you want to know more about.

Built for Laravel. SourceDive understands middleware, policies, gates, form requests, events, notifications, and more.

Scheduled task display

Track scheduled tasks. It's time to know what's happening and when in your app.

You can ask questions like show me all of the scheduled jobs that will run in the next 2 hours. SourceDive parses and understands what's going to happen next and will show you in a clear, concise and easy-to-follow manner.

Analyze URL display

What files and features are used for this URL. Start with the URL to see the full path through the app.

Not sure if a URL issues events? Does it contain validation? Is it hitting rate limiters? SourceDive takes a URL and builds a visual path through the application, showing the Laravel files, functions and classes that you care about.

And that's just the start. SourceDive will have many other ways of visualizing your code like:
  • What are all the code paths that can update this model?
  • Where is this event fired from?
  • What routes don't require authentication?
  • Why am I getting a 403? Is it a failed gate, middleware, or policy?


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